Sunday, 26 August 2012

My New Article

Hey guys, come and read my post.  A few minute ago I have read a passage about social network.I think social network on the internet really helpful for sick and disabled. (Ekmal)

The Role of Social Network

The passage about how social network on the internet provide help to the sick and disabled had shown us that social network is not only to be use to chat about not a trivial matter but also can saves the people who live with chronic diseases or disabilities.  The social networks did help these people to feel that they are connected to the outer world.They also feel that they will not be criticised or judged when using the internet as the people are kinder and more helpful rather than face-to-face.It is really a surprise for me to see how this social network which have bad opinion from some people can help these poor people (Faris H)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Family struggle

I have read the passage about a family that struggles through emotionally when their little baby, Dana faces health complications and I found that this story is very touching. It has achieved at a good standard of essay and really had caught my interest once I started reading it.  Dana's parents, David and Diana were shocked when they heard that Dana would probably not survive due to health complication.And if Dana does survive, her future will be dark. However, as those first days passed, Dana had become a lot better, when Dana was five years old, Dana was a petite but feisty young girl with glittering grey eyes. One blistering afternoon, Dana wass sitting in her mother's lap in a local park and said that she smells God.  Her mother lay her head on His chest.  From this scene, I know that God had saved Dana from suffering from health complications.  That's, to me, is very interesting thing that happened to a person.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The house on the hill


     I had read the essay written by Chuan Xin Vee, 17 from SMK Seafield, Selangor and it really a splendid essay. This essay tells about a wonderful memories of a boy with a girl who lives in a house on the hill. He found the girl touching the flower tenderly and smiling to herself while he was cycling his bicycle. After that, he chat a little with the girl and found out that the girl have interest in imaginary creatures such as fairies. As the result of her not logical interest, she always been teased by other children but not the boy. They both became a good friend and always share their time together. One day, the girl`s house was half-eaten by the fire and the girl need to move. However, this incident did not break their friendship and they still connected to each other through letters.When the boy had grown up, he watched the site of the house and watching his vivid childhood memories. The house is no longer surrounded by beautiful flowers and the weeds take over the place. Then, he walked away from the remorseful, forlorn-looking house on the hill. The End. The story is really touching and it is totally a fine essay. It is the most interesting essay I have ever read.

(Faris Hasnan)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A world of wonders

                                                              Mayan's Pyramid,Mexico
                                                             Taj Mahal, New Delhi India
                                                        The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt
                                                       The Great Wall Of China, China
                                                           Hagia Sophia,Istanbul,Turkey
                                    A World Of Wonders

       I had read an article about the world of wonder in Star and I found that it was very interesting and had really aspired me. This article tells about a boy who has a really deep interest in the world wonders and loves to gather all the pictures of the world wonders from the tin of Milo powder.

      One of the part in this article that I found really interesting is when the boy told about how he start to have interest in this wonders. It happened when he was about six and seven years old in the late 70s. He saw a poster about the world of wonder and started to get excited about it. I also get to know a few wonders in the world by reading this article such as Niagara Falls and the Great wall of China. It did have increase my knowledge about  the world of wonder. In my opinion, that what makes it interesting.

Monday, 7 May 2012

good luck

Good luck in your exam to all my friends at 4 Alpha.. Let do our best : D



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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Haze: A Danger to Health

             The haze is a constant phenomenon faced by Malaysia and her neighbouring countries. The haze is basically pollution of atmosphere, which is clogged with pollutants and other substances from forest fires.
The haze is a direct effect of forest fire in Kalimantan and other parts of Indonesia due to slash and burn method of farming. The Indonesian authorities appear to have no power to control farmers from practising such methods. The haze is further worsened by open burning practised by most Malaysians. Open-field burning of rice straw by the rice planters and open burning of dried leaves and garbage done by the public are a few examples that done by Malaysian. Many are ignorant of the health effects of open burning.
During the haze, hospitals and clinic often report a dramatic increase in respiratory problems, lung infections and asthma attack. The Air Pollution Index (API) usually indicates the hazardous and dangerous levels of pollution during this period. The haze has long-term side effects. Prolonged inhalation of polluted air will result in serious lung infection which particularly affects the elderly.
The government must play its role to reduce the haze treat. It has to cooperate with the Indonesian authorities to stamp out forest fires. The culprits must be brought to justice, either through healthy fine or prison sentence. Constant vigilance would ensure the perpetrators do not repeat their offence.
The government should also raise the public awareness of the dangers of forest fire. Continuous campaign of the cause, solutions and steps-need-to-be-taken to reduce the haze need to be promoted through all types of social media like television, radio, newspaper and even via internet. The authorities should also provide assistance to farmers and introduce more sophisticated forest clearing methods.
In Malaysia, strict laws must be imposed to penalise those who practise open burning. On-going campaigns on the dangers of open burning should be intensified. Individuals too have a role to play. They must participate in every campaign and stop burning. Students can advise their parents not to practice open burning.
Every individual has to remember that we do not own the world, but instead we lent it from our future generations. We must protect our world so that our grandchildren woulh have a healthy earth to live.

                                                                                                                        writen by                                                                                                                  Ariff Zafran b Ariffin

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Reading (Faris K.Z)

 What is Happy Reading.HAPPY Reading is for you. With engaging content and customized consulting services, HAPPY Reading equips those who teach, those who serve, and those who learn.
At HAPPY Reading, we love books. They hold promise and power within their pages. But it takes both knowledge and wisdom to create a reading culture.
          HAPPY Reading helps learners discover the reader within by thinking outside the book.
HAPPY Reading is all about best practices in literacy education. We are also about improving outcomes for all learners through increasingly intelligent and imaginative approaches to instruction. For example, our downloadable instructional materials are highly efficient… combining content knowledge, standards, word study, leveled reading and more into short, lively, fun-to-read poems and reader’s theater scripts. Nowhere else can you find this powerful and efficient combination in one place.
        HAPPY Reading is for parents, classroom teachers, resource specialists, home school instructors, academic administrators, program directors, library professionals, counselors, tutors, volunteers, community leaders, adult learners and literacy enthusiasts who are dedicated, informed and innovative. For you, we provide smart articles, compelling interviews, top-notch read-aloud recommendations and evidence-based instructional materials that are diverse, downloadable and FUN… to nourish your budding literacy learners, to help them discover that they love reading… and that HAPPILY, books are for the time.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Vandalism .... By Hafeez

                                          Please Stop The Vandalism

So, today i wanted to talk about the topic that never has the end, Vandalism. Before i say anything, i want to give a few definition about Vandalism. From the Wikipedia, it said that Vandalism is the behaviour attributed originally to the Vandals, by the Romans, in respect of culture mean ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable. The terms also includes criminal damage such as graffiti and defacement directed towards any property without permission for the owner. 

                 Vandalism is mostly being done by a teenagers that between the ages of  13-20 years old. Their main target is usually Government Property which has become so popular target for the teenagers. The hotspot place is at School,Public place and around their neighbourhood. There were about 8000 cases of vandalism reported every years which has cost about 15 Million ringgit for replacing the furniture and transportation that has been destroyed by the vandalism. This is will also contaminated our country name and also will affected our investment in the global and future time.

                  The ministry of Education has try plenty way to make the teenagers and teenagers realize of what they have done and what it will cost to the country in the next generation. But, because lack of moral even some of them still keep continue to destroy the government property day by day. Some of teenagers start getting into the Vandalism is sometimes coming from bile peer influence that finally will destroyed them self and family.  The Media influences that sometimes like begging them to do it can also inspiring them to do more and more vandalism activity.

                   Next is, Lack of love and intention from parent will encourage the teenagers to do what they want to do not by only destroying theirs thing but also the things that do not belong to them, a things such as public telephone, public toilet,bus stop,road,sign board and other can make any life be in danger. Their Apathy attitude has brings a lot of disaster to the people and also to the administration in Malaysia.

                   So as a conclusion, we should preserve our national pride by cooperate with the Government to  make the criminal pay for what they have made and face the justice also receive the commensurate punishment from the justice and finally save our country from Vandalism.

                                                                                                                                  Written By:

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Recently, our school Aka Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 2 and all the school of the entire Malaysia has been successfully organized  a campaign that playing an important role in preventing the youth Teenagers from getting involving in a "things" that will destroy them also without any compromise in taking theirs life AT A RISK.

                   As far as we know, drug is the main weapons for the teenagers to get rid of their stress and finding a peaceful place inside a dead world (drug world). Spending a hundreds of ringgit a day just to get a piece of the thing that they have considered as a "Best Friend Forever"(BFF) for some teenagers that lack of love from both of their parent and also lack of self awareness of how dangerous the thing that we know as DRUG! for their sake of life and for future generation.

                  Right here, i wanted to share a few information about the things that we are talking about. There're few types of drug that we know until this day, that is include Marijuana(WEED), Prescription Drug,Ecstasy(ICE),Inhalant,Cocaine and Heroin. This type of drug could be so easily to be found and much more cheaper than any other drug like an example, Ecstasy. This drug is very popular among the dance club scene and is now being marketed to kids that under ages, using cartoon character stamps. With its designed and cheap which is estimately RM30 for a dozen, this stimulant has unfortunately become a popular pastime toys for some teens.

                  In this modern time, money is nothing for some teens which they can get it so easily from both of their parent or any relative.There're almost 70% our teens in Malaysia living in a way that for them is "Freedom" and doesn't even care about what bad and what is the best for them. Drug can make someone become so addicted to it, until it can damage our brain and our few other part inside our body. Like a close example in our life is Cigarette, the substances that contain in cigarette is almost 40% of it is drug so that why we cannot stop smoking in a short time cause the more we smoke means the more drug will entering our body and start to take place in our brain. Some people think that smoking is the first step to someone in taking drug as a alternative way to get rid our their stress that keep torture them and which is finally bringing to suicide.

                 Although, drug also has its own benefits for human like creating a effective medicine in treating a disease and used in surgery as a best Painkiller among the expert but, we cannot also forgot what it can do to our teenagers that can bring a disaster to the world,country and human being.

                 So, as a conclusion. Please!.. i beg to all of my friend and the one that close to me to avoid this thing a far away from your life and for the one that still care and love you and prove to the world that your deserve to get this life and you can make a change to the world about how dangerous this tiny little things to our next generation. 

                                                                                                                         Written By:
                                                                                                              Ekmal Hafiz (malz apiz)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Reading as a way of life

   Life without reading is like an empty space. To read is to gain knowledge that enables us to lead life in a proper way as shown by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The first verse of the Quran is Iqra' which means 'Reads'. Thus, we as Muslims should all read as a way of life. (Faris Hasnan)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Character I Like The Most

  I have read the story titled "The Fruitcake Special" and found it to be quite interesting. The story is about a girl named Anna who worked as a chemist at the Amos Cosmetics factory in New Jersey. She had invented a perfume named Fruitcake Special which caused men to falls madly in loves with her. However, she did not fall for false loves, be it from the waiter or David Amos. She eventually found true loves in Armstrong, the pizzaman. Anna was a sensible person and this caused her to see Armstrong's sincerity towards her at the end of the story. She was ordinary looking but she was intelligent, hard-working and determined. She was dedicated to her job as well as her family. That is why I like the character the most. Well, that is  my opinion. What about you guys?

By Faris Hasnan.


Reading is a good habit and students should read as much as they can. There are many advantages of reading. Every student should read at least one book a week

Reading help students to improve their language. It can help to widen their vocabulary. Students not only learn new words but also know how to construct better sentences ( Muhd Ekmal aka malz apiz )

Student can also get a lot of information and knowledge from books they read. It helps to broaden their minds. They can read about other countries,cultures and religions.They are a lot of subject that can be chosen such as literature,science and others.

Today student prefer to watch television and playing games to reading.Parents and teachers should  encourage students to start reading by bringing them to the library and bookshops or reading to them as much as posible at a very early age.Reading is not waste of time.(ariff zafran)
What's The Character You like Most in Fruitcake Special(B)

The character i like most is Anna, a 27 years old chemist and have worked at Amos Cosmectics under David Amos a rich, dark and Handsome English businessman. Anna is a very hard working and dedicated to her work. She is very intelligent and is very good in creating perfumes. After a while working in the Amos Cosmetics, Anna finally manage to make a very special perfume using flowers and a slice of fruitcake that can make any men that come closer to the owner that wears it become so attractive and fall in love to the owner. This perfume proved working when Anna decide the apply it to herself and try to seduce her own boss David Amos. She manage to attracted her boss and finally David Amos decided to invite her to a dinner Anna also a true lover that have been waited her since she was so small, Armstrong a Pizza delivery man that finally become an owner of the pizza that he worked. Anna finally find out that Armstrong was her true love and decide to get married..

The Fruitcake Special Theme (B) :Hafeez

I have read "The Fruitcake Special" novel created By Frank Bennan, and I have found a few theme that make this short stories look more interesting. So I hope you it will helped you to improved you knowledge and also make a correction for any mistake that I make or add any other theme that you have found more interesting.

Physical attraction/superficial love versus true love
David Amos has only been attracted to pretty young models in the past. However, after Anna wears the special perfume, he becomes physically attracted to Anna and thinks that he loves her. So does the waiter at the French restaurant who smells her perfume. Anna does not believe it because she knows that David Amos does not like plain girls like her.

In contrast, Armstrong who has fallen in love with Anna when he was only a pizza delivery man, with holds his declaration of love until he feels that he is worthy of her love. He only dares to proclaim his love for Anna after he has become successful owner of a pizza company. Anna realizes that he truly loves her and would be a suitable life partner for herself.

Anna rejects both David Amos and the waiter as they are not genuinely concerned about her. She has integrity and has pride in her own worth. She resigned from her career at Amos Cosmetics because she did not like the way her employer, David Amos, belittled her ,particularly in front of his snooty girlfriend, Sabina.

Seeking the right life partner is fraught/filled with problems
Anna faces wrong suitors, fights and job resignation before finding her true love.

The influence of the supernatural is not desirable
The special ingredient in the fruitcake that was mixed in the perfume did not bring happy consequences for Anna because she attracted the wrong type of men who were shallow and foolish. True love does not need supernatural aid.

Fulfilling family obligations to marriage
Anna was under pressure from her mother and aunt to get married because they were afraid that she was too old (27 years) to find a suitable life partner.

Btw, its a Happy Ending Story :D

Sunday, 8 April 2012

welcome my dear Alphanian 2

Assalamualaikum . Welcome to the new experience of learning English through blogging . We have four months to explore this by the end of this . I hope you'll improve not only your reading , but also your writing skills . Remember , READING IS THE BRIDGE TO KNOWLEDGE . HAPPY READING .