Sunday, 17 June 2012

The house on the hill


     I had read the essay written by Chuan Xin Vee, 17 from SMK Seafield, Selangor and it really a splendid essay. This essay tells about a wonderful memories of a boy with a girl who lives in a house on the hill. He found the girl touching the flower tenderly and smiling to herself while he was cycling his bicycle. After that, he chat a little with the girl and found out that the girl have interest in imaginary creatures such as fairies. As the result of her not logical interest, she always been teased by other children but not the boy. They both became a good friend and always share their time together. One day, the girl`s house was half-eaten by the fire and the girl need to move. However, this incident did not break their friendship and they still connected to each other through letters.When the boy had grown up, he watched the site of the house and watching his vivid childhood memories. The house is no longer surrounded by beautiful flowers and the weeds take over the place. Then, he walked away from the remorseful, forlorn-looking house on the hill. The End. The story is really touching and it is totally a fine essay. It is the most interesting essay I have ever read.

(Faris Hasnan)




  2. Well... one thing that i like most about this new thread is, the boy and the girl had never been alone during the childhood and its quite a strong friendship and what the the important a friend to someone. In addition, i hope that the boy and the girl will married and live in a happy live forever.


  3. It's a great story because it contains a variety of red, romance and comedy.I must admit that this is a very interesting story.

    9Muhammmad faris bin kamarul zaman )

  4. it is very sad that the girl's house was half-eaten by the fire and had to moved away but i am very grateful that their friendship did not burned with the fire.

    ariff zafran