Friday, 27 April 2012


Recently, our school Aka Sekolah Kebangsaan Kubang Kerian 2 and all the school of the entire Malaysia has been successfully organized  a campaign that playing an important role in preventing the youth Teenagers from getting involving in a "things" that will destroy them also without any compromise in taking theirs life AT A RISK.

                   As far as we know, drug is the main weapons for the teenagers to get rid of their stress and finding a peaceful place inside a dead world (drug world). Spending a hundreds of ringgit a day just to get a piece of the thing that they have considered as a "Best Friend Forever"(BFF) for some teenagers that lack of love from both of their parent and also lack of self awareness of how dangerous the thing that we know as DRUG! for their sake of life and for future generation.

                  Right here, i wanted to share a few information about the things that we are talking about. There're few types of drug that we know until this day, that is include Marijuana(WEED), Prescription Drug,Ecstasy(ICE),Inhalant,Cocaine and Heroin. This type of drug could be so easily to be found and much more cheaper than any other drug like an example, Ecstasy. This drug is very popular among the dance club scene and is now being marketed to kids that under ages, using cartoon character stamps. With its designed and cheap which is estimately RM30 for a dozen, this stimulant has unfortunately become a popular pastime toys for some teens.

                  In this modern time, money is nothing for some teens which they can get it so easily from both of their parent or any relative.There're almost 70% our teens in Malaysia living in a way that for them is "Freedom" and doesn't even care about what bad and what is the best for them. Drug can make someone become so addicted to it, until it can damage our brain and our few other part inside our body. Like a close example in our life is Cigarette, the substances that contain in cigarette is almost 40% of it is drug so that why we cannot stop smoking in a short time cause the more we smoke means the more drug will entering our body and start to take place in our brain. Some people think that smoking is the first step to someone in taking drug as a alternative way to get rid our their stress that keep torture them and which is finally bringing to suicide.

                 Although, drug also has its own benefits for human like creating a effective medicine in treating a disease and used in surgery as a best Painkiller among the expert but, we cannot also forgot what it can do to our teenagers that can bring a disaster to the world,country and human being.

                 So, as a conclusion. Please!.. i beg to all of my friend and the one that close to me to avoid this thing a far away from your life and for the one that still care and love you and prove to the world that your deserve to get this life and you can make a change to the world about how dangerous this tiny little things to our next generation. 

                                                                                                                         Written By:
                                                                                                              Ekmal Hafiz (malz apiz)


  1. It is true that our modern society had been intrude by the misuse of drugs. Most of the people who addicted to drug in our country is a Malay. It really concerning me to see this fact. If the Malay is corrupted, our country maybe will be in chaos. (Faris Hasnan)

  2. Our country deserve more brighter future for the next generation that will continue our legacy in building more advances facility and technological feature..... which will make our biggest dream being one of the most richest and advance country in 2020 not just a hope that will never come true...(HFZ)

  3. Never be the slave to the young generation takes care of yourself k