Sunday, 15 April 2012


Reading is a good habit and students should read as much as they can. There are many advantages of reading. Every student should read at least one book a week

Reading help students to improve their language. It can help to widen their vocabulary. Students not only learn new words but also know how to construct better sentences ( Muhd Ekmal aka malz apiz )

Student can also get a lot of information and knowledge from books they read. It helps to broaden their minds. They can read about other countries,cultures and religions.They are a lot of subject that can be chosen such as literature,science and others.

Today student prefer to watch television and playing games to reading.Parents and teachers should  encourage students to start reading by bringing them to the library and bookshops or reading to them as much as posible at a very early age.Reading is not waste of time.(ariff zafran)


  1. I think reading should be made more interesting so that it can attracts more student to read. We should use our knowledge in technology to make it as interesting as watching television and playing games.For example, make games animation using proper dialogue or create English quiz in todays favourite games.(Faris Hasnan)

  2. reading are sometimes will be more good if the school can organized a competition that can encourage the student to reads a lot more books that will get them a special reward and also can help them to improved their essay and grammars. (The dead end aka HFZ)...

  3. I am organizing a competition now dear..the more you read..the more entries your blog posts will be..remember, this is a group effort, keep encouraging eah other to read the English materials k

  4. we appreciate that :)... but hope not the only alphanian that only have to created this blog.... i mean it will be more fun if our friend from a difference class can also join us in making this project successful.