Sunday, 15 April 2012

What's The Character You like Most in Fruitcake Special(B)

The character i like most is Anna, a 27 years old chemist and have worked at Amos Cosmectics under David Amos a rich, dark and Handsome English businessman. Anna is a very hard working and dedicated to her work. She is very intelligent and is very good in creating perfumes. After a while working in the Amos Cosmetics, Anna finally manage to make a very special perfume using flowers and a slice of fruitcake that can make any men that come closer to the owner that wears it become so attractive and fall in love to the owner. This perfume proved working when Anna decide the apply it to herself and try to seduce her own boss David Amos. She manage to attracted her boss and finally David Amos decided to invite her to a dinner Anna also a true lover that have been waited her since she was so small, Armstrong a Pizza delivery man that finally become an owner of the pizza that he worked. Anna finally find out that Armstrong was her true love and decide to get married..



  1. You did not explain why you like Anna but now you asked us????????? What kind of joke is this... :)

  2. Yes just give us the synopsis of the story, not the reasons for liking this lady. Defend your statement now..

  3. errkkk.... she is so intelligent,hard working and brave for an example, she decide to wears her own perfume to herself and manage to seduce her boss.....