Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Remember teacher said that once we are in university, we have to present in English? We will never be able to do the presentation if our vocabulary is inadequate, do you agree?


  1. 2A: I do agree with this, to master the language, our vocab in that particular language must be vast.

    an interesting article...12 ways of building vocabulary

  2. 2D>>> Every time you read, there are opportunities to increase your vocabulary. Don't ignore these opportunities. Many of us tend to skip unknown words and gain general understandings of phrases or paragraphs from their overall context.

    That is a part of the article. Yes..that is what I normally do, I skip the words. I can recall, teacher always ask us to have our own dictionary the 555 book. Write down the words that we do not know and make sentences with the words. I should start this.

  3. Yes, I also notice that. Teacher always tell us to have that book but we are "too busy" to have one. we do not see the benefits yet and I hope this is not too late for us to start our own dictionary. 2C